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SOUTH COAST DENTAL CENTER serves Santa Ana, California with full service general, cosmetic, and implant dentist services in a comfortable environment. We utilize digital imaging technology to ensure that our work is exact and safe with all aspects of dentistry, including surgical emergency procedures.

Our Services

We offer a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive dentist services. These include:

• Smile Makeover
• Dental Implants, 
  Implant Restoration
  & Maintenance
• Veneers & Bonding
• Dental Crowns &
• Gingival Grafts
• Scaling & Root Planning

• Root Canals
• Dental Fillings
• Teeth Whitening
• TMJ Treatment
• Dentures
• Emergency Services
• Sinus Augmentaion

• Invisalign®
• Wisdom Teeth   
• Periodontal Surgery
• Trigeminal Neuralgia
• Full Mouth
• Bonegraft
Invisible Dentures

Dental Implants

We use ASTRA TECH implants. These implants are American-made and known to be one of the most reliable and long-term implant restorations available in the industry.

Versatile implant designs including straight, conical, sloped, short, narrow and wide, using only one surgical tray. Flexible drilling protocol Allowing for preferred primary stability. Site-specific restorative components including round and triangular options supporting soft tissue sculpturing.

Metal-Free Crowns

If you're allergic to metals or don't like the look of metal in your mouth, ask us about ceramic restorations. This alternative looks natural and beautiful.

White Dental Fillings

Reduce stress to your teeth with composite dental fillings. Unlike other fillings, composites do not contract or expand on your teeth with change in temperatures.

Teeth Whitening

Enjoy a brighter smile with our laser teeth whitening. We use a light and highly concentrated peroxide gel to get your pearly whites to their whitest.

Digital Imaging Technology

Digital imaging reduces radiation exposure to the patient and offers quick, convenient image acquisition, viewing and storage, and eliminates darkroom processing, which may lead to film-based errors. Technology supporting digital dental radiology began in France in 1984. An article describing direct digital imaging technology was first published in United States dental literature in 1989. Since then, digital imaging technology has evolved with improvements in sensor design, computer software, hardware packages, and technical support.

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We try our best to accommodate individual appointment times. Schedule your routine teeth cleaning or learn more about our specialty offerings today.


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