About Our Dentists

Edward Hakim, DDS

Dr. Edward Hakim is a general dentist with extensive experience in family dentistry, as well as surgical and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Hakim completed his dental residency at Loma Linda University Hospital in 1977, where he gained much of his surgical experience under the direction of preeminent oral surgeon Dr Philip Boyne. He helped introduce laser dentistry using Biolase® Laser Technology in 2005 on Channel 7 eyewitness news. Dr. Hakim practiced Dentistry in patients’ age from 2 to 99.

Dr. Hakim practices all aspects of family dentistry and specializes in implants with the latest materials in the industry. In his personal time, he loves to read books about history, run, exercise, swimming and refines his golf technique.

Sandra Y. Silva RDH, BS

Sandra Silva is one of the most dedicated hygienists in Santa Ana, California. She graduated in 2001 from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. Sandra has 10 years of experience as a dental assistant.

She is passionate about educating people and patients on oral hygiene, teaching how to use tools such as toothbrushes and floss, and on how to achieve optimum oral health. In her spare time, Sandra follows the latest developments on hygiene and technology in the dental industry.

dentist Sandra Silva
team member sanary

Sanary “April” Gilliam

April has been Dr. Hakim’s dental assistant for more than 15 years. She is always putting smiles on patient’s faces and making sure that they get the best care during every visit with excellent customer service. She is trustworthy and loves to make all patients laugh. She likes to workout in her spare time and watch movies with her husband. If you get to know April, you will always notice her cool and hip shoes.

“Working at South Coast Dental Center has provided me with the opportunity to bring out the best of me toward the people that become our patients. I love building relationships and making a difference in our patients’ lives. A patient’s smile can make my day!” — April

Julio Colindres

Julio is certified as a dental assistant and has a Bachelor’s degree in business. He loves to work with people and has excellent customer service skills.

dentist julio

Garry D. Jones, DDS

DR. Garry D. Jones DDS is a local boy, born and raised in South Gate California and attended East LA College and Cal State LA in the 60’s. In 1966 He got his chance to attend dental school in Chicago, graduating in 1970 from Layola Dental School. Then he was off to Ft. Benning, Georgia for a two year stint in the US Army where he completed numerous clinical rotations in several dental disciplines, training with a Board Certified Oral Surgeon who taught him all his Oral Surgery secrets. After the Army he engaged himself in private practices in Huntington Beach and Garden Grove.

He served as an instructor at USC school of dentistry for 5 years and was on the California State Board of Dental Examiners as an expert examiner for The Dental Licensure exam for over 7 years. In the 90’s Dr. Jones worked with many State National Guards throughout the US in conjunction with “Deployment Readiness” programs and has always had a place in his heart for the Military.

Dr. Garry, “Indiana”, Jones loves to tinker with antique cars, using his skills with HAM Radio to assist the annual Fountain Valley Summerfest car show. He has been with Fountain Valley RACES ( Radio Amature Communincation Emergency Services), affiliated with the OC sheriffs and OC RACES departments, for over 25 years. In the early years he served with the Muscular Dystrophy Organization, Supporting the annual telethons in LA and Orange County. Currently he supports the families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), One of the 16 or more forms of Muscular Dystrophy .

Dr. Jones fashions himself as a “Repair Man” and likes fixing things. “I’ll attempt fixing something, for, if it is broken, I can’ t break it much more. If anything, I’ll find out how it works. The fun is in the art and satisfaction of “restoring something or someone back to functions.”