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Dental and Denture Implants

Dental and Denture Implants

South Coast Dental Center has been creating smiles with confidence for the past couple of years now. With a team of well-trained and experienced dentists to serve you right, you don’t have to bother looking anywhere else for dental implants Santa Ana. Patients willing to procure a full set of non-removable dentures can now hire us for the service. Just book an appointment with our expert dentist, and your service will be covered for good!

We follow the best procedure:

We are here to utilize the innovative technique to attach dentures to permanent implants for secure and a rather confident fit. You can either remove the dentures or get them fixed, which solely depend on the patient’s requirements.

Most of these prosthetics involve placement of vital dental implants than removable dentures. Sometimes, it may take various months to place implants and then prepare mouth for fixed dentures. We have a talented medical team, which will begin the journey by placing some biocompatible forms of titanium screws into jawbone to form that strong denture foundation. After securing the implants, the dentures will be screwed permanently for snug fit.

For any kind of consultation based on denture implants near me, you can easily consult with out dental team right away! We will help you to choose the best medical option available.

Before and After Gallery

Look at these Before and After pictures of our patients

Our goal is to be able to serve spanish-speaking patients and offer quality service from beginning to end. We hope to educate clients during each visit and transform their dental hygiene practices for the better. Experience exceptional oral healthcare when you visit South Coast Dental Center.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us take complete care of your oral cavity.

Our mission at South Coast Dental Center is to provide quality dental clinic services in a warm, comfortable, and family friendly environment with open communication between doctor and patient.

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