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Dental Crown and Bridge

Dental Crown and Bridge

Dental crowns, generally, is termed as tooth shaped cap, placed right over chipped or cracked tooth to restore the size, shape and functionality. Crowns are primarily bonded to tooth with help of dental cement. Unless you have trained cosmetic dentist to get help from, avoid using dental crowns or bridges by yourself. Our team from South Coast Dental Clinic is happy to help you with the bridges and crowns for your teeth. We will first measure the broken area, check on your usability and then create the perfect Dental Bridges Santa Ana to go on top of your broken tooth.

Use of dental crowns:

We know various reasons behind the growing demand of dental crowns nowadays. You can give us a call for natural looking crowns, making it hard to differentiate the fake ones from original teeth. The crowns are widely used among patients:

  • For protecting broken tooth and covering severe cases of discoloration.
  • For covering implants and holding dental bridge in its place.
  • To cover worn out teeth and also when not much of natural tooth structure is left.

When we suggest crowns:

Whenever a tooth is compromised by damage or decay, we would suggest you to go for Dental Crown Santa Ana. We work on this restoration with fine dental porcelain. It helps in seamlessly matching with your natural teeth. Our crowns help in returning strength you need for that comfortable oral function. Our crowns will definitely help you to maintain that all-white smile.

You can contact us to design, fit and even place crowns in couple of short appointments. After fitting a crown, you can take care of the item just like your natural teeth. Just be sure to visit us every six months for preventive exam and professional cleaning. For details on appointments, just give us a call!

Our mission at South Coast Dental Center is to provide quality dental clinic services in a warm, comfortable, and family friendly environment with open communication between doctor and patient.

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