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Dental Root Canal

Dental Root canal:

Remove Diseased Pulp Right Now

We, at South Coast Dental Clinic, have been performing root canal for such a long time. We know ways to remove infected tissue and decayed portion of oral cavity through root canaling. While nerves and blood vessels inside tooth are important, still your tooth can perform well even after removing these parts. This procedure is a substituted work on behalf of tooth extraction, which otherwise leave a space once the teeth are removed.

  • Our service helps in eliminating decay or disease from entire oral cavity.
  • Furthermore, through root canal practices you can easily prevent future infections.
  • If you really don’t want to remove a tooth and create a void, then our root canal services are the ones to watch out for.
  • We use Fotona laser equipment as part of the disinfection process to increase root canal success.

The procedure we follow:

Also known as endodontic therapy, our root canal procedure is fairly common. The experience remains more or less similar to having cavity filled.

  • During this procedure, our dentist first removes diseased pulp from the tooth and rinse the area. It is the most time consuming part of the entire procedure.
  • We will take extreme care while cleaning the area as our main aim is to clean the bacteria and infection.
  • After that, the space is filled up with biocompatible and non-reactive material, topped up with temporary filling.
  • After few weeks, our dentist will remove your filling, check once again for any sign of bacteria and applies permanent crown, only if needed.

We make sure that our dental root canal treatment is of top-class and at par with the international standard. So, next time you are planning to get you root canal done, get in line with us right away!

Our mission at South Coast Dental Center is to provide quality dental clinic services in a warm, comfortable, and family friendly environment with open communication between doctor and patient.

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